My Academic Account & Professional Career

I have had my schooling in Tarar High School, Tarar (Bhagalpur), BA (Economics Hons.) in Marwari College, Bhagalpur and my M.A. in Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur (Bihar) and further M.R.P (Master of Regional Planning) and Ph.D. (Planning) in IIT, Kharagpur (West Bengal). After three years' lectureship in the Department of Architecture and Planning at IIT, Kharagpur (West Bengal), I joined as Reader in the Department of Economics (North-Eastern Hill University, or NEHU) in December 1984. I became Professor of economics at NEHU in July 1991, continued working there, was promoted to Professorship in Higher Admininistrative Grade (HAG) w.e.f. 1.1.2010 and finally retired on August 31, 2015. My specialization has been in Econometrics, Operations Research and Regional Science/ Planning. I was aslo deeply interested in Institutional Economics and evolutionary economics. I taught various papers in MA, including Microeconomics, Statistics, Econometrics, Computer Applications in Economic Analysis, Evolutionary Economics and Historical Perspective of Modern Economics.

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Teaching and Research Experience: Professor (Higher Administrative Grade or HAG), NEHU (January 1, 2010 to August 31, 2015)
Professor, NEHU (July 12, 1991 to December 31, 2009)
Reader, NEHU (December 5, 1984 to July 11, 1991)
Lecturer, IIT, Kharagpur (November 27, 1981 to December 4, 1984)
Visiting Fellow, The Ohio State University, USA (1980)
Administrative Experience: Member, Academic Council, NEHU [1991-2015 (August)].
Member, Executive Council, NEHU (1997-98).
Head, Dept. of Economics, NEHU (1995-1996; 1999-2002; 16.12.2011 - 14.7.2014)
Chairman, Board of Post-Graduate Studies (Econ.), NEHU (1995-1996; 1999-2002; Dec. 16, 2011 - July 14, 2014)
Dean, School of Economics, Management and Information Sciences (SEMIS), NEHU (1996-99).
Chairman, School Board, SEMIS, NEHU (1996-99).
Chairman, Board of Under-Graduate Studies at different times/ tenures (Economics, Statistics, Computer Science/ applications, Mass Media and Sanskrit), NEHU
President, NEHU Teachers' Association (Two terms 2007-08; 2008-09).
Chief Proctor, NEHU (2000).
Coordinator, Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC), NEHU, (1998-2004); Director, IQAC, NEHU, Nov. 2010 - Nov. 2013
Ph.D. Title: Evaluation of Public Policies for Agricultural Development in Less Developed Regions.  for PhD in Planning, IIT, Kharagpur.
Broad Areas of Interest: Econometrics, Microeconomics, Evolutionary Economics, Global Optimization, Computer Applications
Other Interests: Hindi Literature
Current Areas of Work: Biologically Inspired Global Optimization Methods, Sociology of Economics
Life Member: Regional Science Association, India
Associate/Fellow: AITP (Institute of Town Planners, India)
Ph.D. Supervision:
1. Pou, Kh. (2014): Institutional and Attitudinal Impediments to Development of Ethnic Groups in North-East India: A Case Study on the Continuing Under-development of Poumai Naga.
2. Khilar, B. (2013): Economics and Quality of School Education in Sikkim.
3. Jamir, T. (2007): Economics of Higher Education: Micro Analysis of Private Colleges in Nagaland.
4. Daimari, P. (2006): A Study on Structure of the Economy of Udalguri Sub-Division, Assam.
5. Dasgupta, M. (2004): Least Absolute Deviation Estimation of Multi-Equation linear Econometric Models: A Study based on Monte Carlo Experiments.
6. Ngullie, M.L. (2003): Quality of Life in Dimapur and its Periphery.
7. Rio, K. (2003): Private Schooling Industry: A Case Study of Kohima Town of Nagaland.
8. Lyngskor, J.W. (2003): Price Behaviour of Wage Goods and its relationship with the Cost of Living of Unskilled Casual Workers in Shillong.
MCP/MRP and M.Phil. Supervision Supervised 4 MCP/MRP and 16 MPhil Dissertations listed below:
(i). While Working in Dept. of Architecture and Planning, IIT, Kharagpur

1. Efficiency of Public Utilities in Small Towns of Orissa (One-Semester MRP Dissertation, IIT, Kharagpur), 1984.
2. Regional Planning Approach to an Efficient Agricultural Market System (One-Semester MRP Dissertation, IIT, Kharagpur), 1983.
3. Planning for Development of Haldia Port Town (One-Semester MCP Dissertation, IIT, Kharagpur), 1982.
4. Policy Guidelines for Agricultural Development in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh (One-Semester MRP Dissertation, IIT, Kharagpur), 1982.
(ii). While Working in Dept. of Economics, NEHU, Shillong

1. An Econometric Analysis of Agricultural Production Function in the Agrarian Economy of Meghalaya : A Case Study of five Villages (MPhil Dissertation, NEHU, Shillong), 1999.
2. Gandhian Economic Ideals and Planned Economic Development of India: A Focus on Some Specific Aspects (MPhil Dissertation, NEHU, Shillong), 1995.
3. Performance of Generalised Indirect Least Squares in Over-Identified Equation Estimation : A Monte Carlo Experiment (MPhil Dissertation, NEHU, Shillong), 1993.
4. A Study on the Minimum Absolute Deviation Regression Estimator (MPhil Dissertation, NEHU, Shillong), 1992.
5. Degree of Over-identification and its Effects on the Performance of Estimators (MPhil Dissertation, NEHU, Shillong), 1992.
6. Tourism Industry in Assam : A Case Study of Sibsagar District (MPhil Dissertation, NEHU, Shillong), 1991.
7. Marketing of Tea in Assam with Special Reference to Guwahati Tea Auction Centre (MPhil Dissertation, NEHU, Shillong), 1991.
8. A Study on Institutional Determinants of Production Function (MPhil Dissertation, NEHU, Shillong), 1990.
9. An Approach to Planning for Development in Mayurbhanj District, Orissa (MPhil Dissertation, NEHU, Shillong), 1990.
10. A Study on the Methods of Multi-Criteria Evaluation of Public Policies (MPhil Dissertation, NEHU, Shillong), 1988.
11. A Study on Efficacy of Public Utilities and Services in Shillong (MPhil Dissertation, NEHU, Shillong), 1989.
12. An Evaluation of Family Planning Programme : A Case Study of Balasore District, Orissa (MPhil Dissertation, NEHU, Shillong), 1989.
13. The Economics of Private Schooling Industry : A Study of Shillong (MPhil Dissertation, NEHU, Shillong), 1988.
14. Evaluation of Public Expenditure on Health Facilities in Assam (MPhil Dissertation, NEHU, Shillong), 1987.
15. The Nature and Significance of Rural Indebtedness : A Study with Special Reference to Scheduled Tribes of Assam (MPhil Dissertation, NEHU, Shillong), 1987.
16. A Comparative Study of Tribal and Non-tribal Agricultural Practices and its Effects on Agricultural Development (MPhil Dissertation, NEHU, Shillong), 1987.
Research Projects (Associated with):
Worked as an advisor for Report on "Tawang River Basin Study - Cumulative impact assessment of proposed hyedel project", 2015 (Co-Ordinator: Prof. SK Barik)
Studies on Environmental Impact of Coal Mining in Jaintia Hills District. (Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board), 1993.
Status of Social Forestry in Mizoram" (National Wasteland Development Board, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India), 1991.
Status of Social Forestry in Arunachal Pradesh" (National Wasteland Development Board, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India), 1991.
A Survey of Physically Handicapped Persons in 100 Selected Villages of Meghalaya. (Govt. of Meghalaya), 1990.
Socio-economic Profile of Population in Mylliem Block, East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya. (UGC-UNFPA), 1989.
Referee for Journals:
Annals of Operations Research [Springer];
Asian Ethnicity [Routledge];
British J. of Math and Stat Psychol. [Wiley].
Computational Economics [Springer];
Computational Statistics and Data Analysis [Elsevier];
Economic Change and Restructuring [Springer];
Economics Letters [Elsevier];
Indian Journal of Regional Science [Regional Science Association, Kolkata]
IUP Journal of Managerial Economics [ICFAI]
Journal of Economic Growth [Springer];
Journal of Forest Economics [Elsevier];
Journal of Media and Communication Studies [Academic Journals]
Journal of Quantitative Economics [The Indian Econometric Society, IGIDR, Mumbai]
Journal of Risk [Incisive Media, London].
Journal of Statistical Research [Institute of Statistical Research and Training, Dhaka].
North American Actuarial Journal [Routledge].
Pakistan Journal of Statistics [Lahore, Pakistan].
Social Indicators Research [Springer].
Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics [Southeast Asian Mathematical Society, Hong Kong];
Member, RePEc's Plagiarism Committee:
EconPapers/RePEc: The world's largest collection of on-line Economics working papers, journal articles and software; run by a collaborative effort of hundreds of volunteers in 74 countries to enhance the dissemination of research in economics.
On the Editorial Board: (i). Ex-Member, Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Regional Science [Regional Science Association, Kolkata, India]
(ii). Ex-Associate Editor, Gitam Review of International Business [Gitam School of International Business, Gitam University, Visakhapattanam, India]
Books Published:
1. Mishra, S.K. and Binwal, J.C. (1991): Computer Applications in Social Science Research, Vikas Publishing Co., Delhi.
2. Mishra, S.K. (1984): Evaluation of Public Policies for Agricultural Development in Less Developed Regions, IIT, Kharagpur.
Reseach Papers Published:
Published over 100 papers in various journals in India and abroad. Also wrote many working papers and computer programs.