Papers Related to Miscellaneous Subjects

  1. Generalized Interatomic Pair-Potential Function. (Chemical Physics).
  2. Supporting Materials for Generalized Interatomic Pair-Potential Function. (Chemical Physics).
  3. Improved Pair-Potential Function for Diatomic Systems. (Chemical Physics).
  4. A note on Poincaré recurrence in Anosov diffeomorphic transformation of discretized outline of some plant leaves. (Mathematics for fun).
  5. An Essay on the Nature and Significance of Deception and Telling Lies. (On human nature/conduct).

Autobiographical cum Sociological Writings

  1. Bihar's Education System in Shambles: Building History with the Rubbles of my Fading Memory (An Autobiographical Account of the Decline of Educational System in Bihar).
  2. Growth, Stagnation and Decline of a Village: An Autobiographical Essay on the Socio-economic History of Tarar, Bihar (India) (A Nostalgic Socioeconomic History of Tarar: The Remembered Village - Not Exactly, Though).
  3. My Parents (The Reminiscence of My Parents and First Teachers).
  4. My Education and Wandering: A Voyage to the Void and Absurdité (An Interesting Account as to How I Grew up Intellectually and Professionally).
  5. The Age of Professor Narmadeshwar Jha (In Memory of My Teacher).
  6. On the Academic Making of Dr. Narmadeshwar Jha.
  7. Master Saheb (A Hindi Story).
  8. Baikunth Ka Navikaran (A Hindi Story).
  9. India's Policy Deficit - As I look at it.
  10. List of 134 Upanishads.