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Dr. (Mrs.) J. Mishra
Name: Dr. Jignasa Mishra (Jha)
Date of Birth: June 27, 1982
Father's Name: Prof. S.K. Mishra
Marital Status: Married: Blood Group: A+
Husband's Name: Shri Subhash K. Jha
Residential Address: M-177, M-Block,
                 (Near Hanuman Mandir),
                 Vikaspuri, Delhi - 110018
E-mail Address:,
Academic Qualifications
1 X Class CBSE - K.V. NEHU, Shillong 1998 First
2 XII Class CBSE - K.V. NEHU, Shillong 2000 First
3 BSc. Biochem(H) St. Anthony's College, Shillong 2003 First
4 MSc. Biochem North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong 2005 First
5 PGDCA MCU, Bhopal (IIPS, Shillong Branch) 2007 Second
6 Ph.D. Cancer Immunology Lab, NEHU Shillong 2012 Certif

Research experience: 5 years (2006-2011);Research field: Cancer Immunology
Doctoral Research Topic (Title): Study on immunological activity of an overexpressed glycoprotein on hepatocytes in mice exposed to n-nitrosodibutylamine.
Experience in biochemical techniques
and methods
SDS-PAGE, ELISA, Ion-Exchange chromatography, Spectrophotometry, Gel filtration, 2-D Electrophoresis, Western Blot, HPLC, Immunodiffusion techniques & antibody raising technique.

Conferences/Symposia/Seminars attended:
1) CME on cancer challenges in India with particular reference to North East organized by department of radiation oncology NEIGRIHMS, Shillong (13-14 July), 2006.
2) National seminars on Adaptation Biochemistry (March 22-23), 2007. Organized by Department of Biochemistry, NEHU, Shillong (under UGC-DRS Program).
3) National seminar on Advances in Medical and microbial biochemistry, held on 13th-14th March, 2008. Organised by Dept. of Biochemistry, NEHU (under auspices of UGC-SAP(DRS)).
4) The 96th Indian Science congress (Jan3-7), 2009, Shillong Meghalaya. Hosted by NEHU, Shillong. The Indian Science Congress Association, Kolkata.
5) Seminar on Recent Trends in Biochemistry Research (March 27), 2009, organized by Dept. of Biochemistry, NEHU (under UGC-DRS program).
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