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Ms. J. Mishra
My PhD Thesis (NEHU, Biochemistry, 2011)

[Note: Doc files are downloaded as Zip files; save it and then open with Microsoft Word:
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PhD Thesis (Docx files)
Abstract (doc)
Top Pages & Contents, etc. (doc)
Chapter-I Top Page(doc)
Chapter-I text (doc)
Chapter-II Top Page (doc)
Chapter-II text(doc)
Chapter-III Top Page (doc)
Chapter-III text(doc)
Chapter-IV Top Page(doc)
Chapter-IV text (BW)(doc)
Chapter-IV text (color)(doc)
Chapter-V Top Page(doc)
Chapter-V text (doc)
Chapter-VI Top Page(doc)
Chapter-VI text (doc)
References Top Page(doc)
References (text)(doc)
Curriculum-vitae Top Page(doc)
Curriculum-vitae (text)(doc)
Abstract of Thesis(pdf, zip)
PhD Thesis (BW) Full(pdf, zip)
PhD Thesis (Color) Full(pdf, zip)
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