Papers Related to Economic Theory and Applications

  1. A Brief History of Production Functions. (download).
  2. Human Resource Management: Some Vital Considerations. (download).
  3. Possibilities of Quality Enhancement in Higher Education by Intensive Use of Information Technology. (download).
  4. On Self-Financing of Institutions of Higher Learning in India. (download).
  5. On the Leading Approaches to Valuation of Environmental Goods and Services. (download).
  6. Recent Trend of Village and Small Enterprise Sector: Exploring and Exploiting its Opportunities in the North Eastern Region of India Touching Upon its Profile and Barriers. (download).
  7. Problems and Prospects of Promoting Tourism in Meghalaya. (download).
  8. Economics of Higher Education: Micro Analysis of Private Colleges in Nagaland. (download).
  9. Economics of Private Schooling Industry in Kohima, Nagaland. (download).
  10. Structural Relations Among the Components of Household Income and Expenditure in Kohima, Nagaland. (download).
  11. Real Wages of Casual Labourers in Shillong. (download).
  12. On Harnessing Natural Resources for Sustainable Development. (download).
  13. Socio-Economic Exclusion of Different Religious Communities in Meghalaya. (download).
  14. What Determines the Academic and Professional Participation of Economists? (download).
  15. Poverty, Dietary Imbalance and Sickness among Casual Labourer Households in Shillong (India). (download).
  16. Nutritional Aspects of Poverty Among Casual Labourer Households in Shillong (India). (download).
  17. Status of Development of NE States in India in the National Perspective. (download).
  18. Hedonic Demand for Rented House in Kohima, Nagaland. (download).
  19. A Study on Structure of the Economy of Udalguri Sub-Division, Assam (India). (download).
  20. Trends in Wage Goods Prices and Cost of Living of Casual Workers in Shillong. (download).
  21. Bihar's Education System in Shambles: Building History with the Rubbles of my Fading Memory. (download).
  22. Are Agricultural Markets Location-Optimal? A Case Study of Gaya District (Bihar). (download).
  23. Globalization and Structural Changes in the Indian Industrial Sector: An Analysis of Production Functions. (download).
  24. Disparities in Globalization of the World Economies. (download).
  25. Socio-Economic Dimensions of Globalization in India. (download).
  26. Almost equi-marginal principle based composite index of globalization: China, India and Pakistan. (download).
  27. Globalization under Hysteresis: A Study of Eastern Bloc Countries, China and India.(download).
  28. Trends in Globalization of Select Asian Countries.(download).
  29. Measuring Degree of Globalization of African Countries on Almost Equimarginal Contribution Principle.(download).
  30. Are Democratic Regimes Antithetical to Globalization?(download).
  31. A Study on Regime Type and Globalization in Simultaneous Equation Framework.(download).
  32. A Simultaneous Equation Model of Globalization, Corruption, Democracy, Human Development and Social Progress.(download).