Papers Related to Econometrics/Statistics

  1. Performance of Differential Evolution Method in Least Squares Fitting of Some Typical Nonlinear Curves. (download).
  2. Least Absolute Deviation Estimation of Linear Econometric Models: A Literature Review. (download).
  3. Median as a Weighted Arithmetic Mean of All Sample Observations. (download).
  4. Minimization of Keane's Bump Function by the Repulsive Particle Swarm and the Differential Evolution Methods. (download).
  5. A Note on Numerical Estimation of Sato's Two-Level CES Production Function. (download).
  6. Estimation of Zellner-Revankar Production Function Revisited. (download).
  7. Least Squares Estimation of Joint Production Functions By the Differential Evolution Method of Global Optimization. (download).
  8. Some Experiments on Fitting of Gielis Curves by Simulated Annealing and Particle Swarm Methods of Global Optimization. (download).
  9. Experiments on Estimation of the Parameters of Gielis Super-Formula by Simulated Annealing Method of Optimization. (download).
  10. A New Method of Robust Linear Regression Analysis: Some Monte Carlo Experiments. (download).
  11. Robust Two-Stage Least Squares: Some Monte Carlo Experiments. (download).
  12. A New Kind of Two-Stage Least Squares Based on Shapley Value Regression. ( download).
  13. An Algorithm to Generate Variates with Desired Intercorrelation Matrix. (download).
  14. Optimal Solution of the Nearest Correlation Matrix Problem by Minimization of the Maximum Norm.(download).
  15. The Nearest Correlation Matrix Problem: Solution by Differential Evolution Method of Global Optimization. (download).
  16. Completing Correlation Matrices of Arbitrary Order by Differential Evolution Method of Global Optimization: A Fortran Program. (download).
  17. Least Squares Fitting of Chacon-Gielis Curves By the Particle Swarm Method of Optimization. (download).
  18. A Comparative Study on Fitting of Gielis Curves by Classical versus Generalized Simulated Annealing Methods. (download).
  19. An Algorithm for Fitting Archimedean Spiral to Empirical Data. (download).
  20. Fitting a Logarithmic Spiral to Empirical Data With Displaced Origin. (download).
  21. Fitting an Origin-Displaced Logarithmic Spiral to Empirical Data By Differential Evolution Method of Global Optimization. (download).
  22. Multicollinearity and Maximum Entropy Leuven Estimator. (download).
  23. Estimation under Multicollinearity: Application of Restricted Liu and Maximum Entropy Estimators to the Portland Cement Dataset. (download).
  24. Shapley Value Regression and the Resolution of Multicollinearity. (download).
  25. Representation-Constrained Canonical Correlation Analysis: A Hybridization of Canonical Correlation and Principal Component Analyses. (download).
  26. A Note on the Ordinal Canonical Correlation Analysis of Two Sets of Ranking Scores. (download).
  27. Analysis of Gender Disparity in Meghalaya by Various Types of Composite Indices. (download).
  28. A Note on the Sub-Optimality of Rank Ordering of Objects on the Basis of the Leading Principal Component Factor Scores. (download).
  29. On Construction of Robust Composite Indices by Linear Aggregation. (download).
  30. Construction of Composite Indices in Presence of Outliers. (download).
  31. Construction of an Index by Maximization of the Sum of its Absolute Correlation Coefficients with the Constituent Variables. (download).
  32. A Comparative Study of Various Inclusive Indices and the Index Constructed By the Principal Components Analysis. (download).
  33. The Most Representative Composite Rank Ordering of Multi-Attribute Objects by the Particle Swarm Optimization. (download).
  34. What Happens If in the Principal Component Analysis the Pearsonian is Replaced by the Brownian Coefficient of Correlation? (download).
  35. A Note on Positive Semi-Definiteness of Some Non-Pearsonian Correlation Matrices. (download).
  36. A Note on Construction of a Composite Index by Optimization of Shapley Value Shares of the Constituent Variables. (download).
  37. A short note on the generalized measures of central tendency in the median family. (download).
  38. A Study on the Performance of Medial Regression. (download).